All in (re)branding

1 Typeform

We start with a lot of questions for you:

What are you doing? What do you stand for? What makes you different from the competition? You know it if you have already done some research. We will make a summary of this. We look at how we can distill your message as best as possible, down to the bone where we find the heart of your company

2 Brand essence

We pour this core into a brand essence. This is the blueprint of your company. It is everything your company stands for and provides the initial kickstart for determining where we will position your brand. We explain why this is the best solution to achieve success in your business

3 Logo & corporate identity

Now that we know who your target group is and what message you want to convey, we will provide your brand with a unique logo that will be used as a brand in all your communications. This is how you build recognition around your brand. We provide you with a business corporate identity. We then roll out everything on all communication carriers that are suitable for your company. E.g. packaging, clothing, car, gadgets…

4 Photo session

Strong, high-quality images are indispensable these days. They have to support your identity, so we plan a shoot. You can use the images on and online. Images evoke so many emotions, so this step is essential, according to Gezien.

5 Webdesign

Indispensable these days is a unique website that clearly conveys your standards and values. Your visual identity must have the same look & feel on all media, so it is recommended that the website be developed based on all previous steps. The photos from the shoot are ideal for this and will really bring your website to life.

6 Brandbook

This is a super handy tool in which we bundle all the rules of your brand. We also list your strategy here so that you can always refer back to what you stand for. Why are we doing this? With this tool you can easily go to an advertising budo if you want to launch a promotional campaign. It describes in scents and colors which colors you use, what your Tone of voice is and all other dos and don’ts. This way, the quality of your brand will always remain there.


It can sometimes be quite a challenge for start-ups, but at Gezien we understand this, so we always look for a solution that is feasible for you.

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