To rebrand or not to rebrand?
that is the question! 🤔

Your brand doesn’t
tell your story.

Your visuals should tell your story. If you just put together a logo or your own branding because you just like it, you will always convey a confusing message.

Your vision & goals
have changed.

Over time, and with all the experience we gain along the way, our vision and business goals are continually adjusted. Just make sure that if you adjust the colors, fonts and vibe too much, it still fits the style of your brand.

Your brand is
no longer consistent.

If your brand isn’t consistent, we assume your business isn’t ready yet. To have a professional, trustworthy image, you must be consistent at every point of your online and offline communications.

Your brand
doesn’t stand out.

If you’re struggling to reach your dream customers, take a look at your brand and see if it aligns with your business. If not, a rebranding can help you determine who is the ideal customer for you.

Shall we compare your story and vision together?

Your branding is the pillar on which you build your brand. From here we work together on future-oriented, effective marketing communication that grows and changes with your ambitions.

Where is your brand now and where does it want to go? Who do you want to reach, with what message and how? Gezien thinks purposefully with you about the evolution of your brand.

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Branding studio

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Branding studio