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Gezien is a friendly, dynamic, healthy, idiosyncratic branding studio in Bruges.

Visual identity of start-ups, rebranding of scale-ups
and brand (r)evolutions are our main dadas.

Seen is characterized by his ambition, creativity and empathy. We surround ourselves with great freelancers to develop and roll out striking projects together.

Not a one
Trick pony
Branding studio

Gezien is not a ‘one trick pony’. We choose the appropriate specialists for each branding mission. Our goal is to build well-founded, solid brands that are real and unique.


For us, branding is always a both-and story. Just a quick overview? Don’t ask us to design a logo and then release a DIY tutorial and create an incoherent whole with it ;-). We firmly believe in one consistent story that is correct across the board – from A to Z.

We carefully apply your corporate identity or visual identity to all channels and communication media. From name cards, via social media to point of sale material. This is the only way you will be seen in a world where everything and everyone screams for attention non-stop.

“There are three ways a business can succeed, by being the cheapest option, by being the most expensive or luxury option, or by being different.”
(Michael Porter / The Godfather Of Brand Strategy)

Your branding is the pillar on which you build your brand. From here we work together on future-oriented, effective marketing communication that grows and changes with your ambitions.

Where is your brand now and where does it want to go? Who do you want to reach, with what message and how? Gezien thinks purposefully with you about the evolution of your brand.

Acquainted? To collaborate? Idea? Time for change?

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Not a one
trick pony

Branding studio

Not a one
trick pony

Branding studio